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KCW Today
Tudors to Windsors at the Royal Maritime Museum
1 DAY AGO - This classy exhibition, mounted at the Royal Maritime Museum in Greenwich by the National Portrait Expand
St Vincent: Daddy’s Home
3 DAYS AGO - As a woman who took her stage name from a line in a Nick Cave song about “where poetry goes to Expand
Bow Street Police Museum
01/06/2021 - Much like religion, taxes and the macarena, the police feel like a perennial concept in human Expand
Report reveals how London has been disproportionately hit by the pandemic
21/05/2021 - A new report has revealed the extent to which the Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately Expand
An Abstract Sense Of Life – Afshin Naghouni- exhibition 21 May – 30 June
17/05/2021 - Born in Iran in 1969, Afshin Naghouni (Ash) immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1997 and lives in Expand
Dads House Coronavirus report reveals that the charity supported more than 20,000 families over the last six months of the COVID-19 pandemic
13/05/2021 - Dads House, originally founded to help single fathers raise their children alone, has recently Expand
Voyage into the Known: Back to Roots
11/05/2021 - Emerging from lockdown, the masses are mapping out their summer migrations. People aren’t flying Expand
The Rise of NFTs: Originality in the Digital Age
07/05/2021 - In 1935, when Walter Benjamin analysed the theoretical implications of reproducing a work of art Expand
Latest Covid-19 vaccine study in the UK launches in London
29/04/2021 - The latest COVID-19 vaccine study in the UK is now open in North West London. Medicago, a Expand
Total Eclipse of The Heart: Eclipses Then and Now
2 DAYS AGO - Early today (June 10th) a blanket of clouds hid a solar eclipse from much of the people of London, Expand
Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser
04/06/2021 - The exhibition starts off in a pretty conventional mode, with faded old photographs, letters, Expand
17.5 million people in the UK homeless according to new report
27/05/2021 - The cross-party London Councils group has said addressing the housing crisis must be the Expand
‘Responsibility to protect’?
20/05/2021 - ‘Responsibility to protect’ underpins the international system of states, and now it is crumbling. Expand
Making your Future Work
17/05/2021 - Is it Time to Work for Yourself? Has the pandemic given you an opportunity to re-think your Expand
Are we sleepwalking into a Nuclear Apocalypse?
13/05/2021 - Douglas Adams (author and satirist, 1952-2001) wrote, “it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the Expand
Students call for Covid refund process to be simplified
10/05/2021 - University students are appealing to the competition watchdog to get compensation for the Expand
The Decline of Truth
30/04/2021 - It can be deeply inspiring to watch another man deliberately place his own head on the block over Expand
Promising Young Woman
26/04/2021 - This last year film director Emerald Fennell made headlines for being one of three women nominated Expand
US Senate votes to approve $250 Billion Bill on technology advancement
2 DAYS AGO -  This Tuesday (8th June) the typically intensely divided United States Senate passed a bipartisan Expand
Mute: The instrumental variations by The Blackheart Orchestra
01/06/2021 - Mute: The instrumental variations by The Blackheart Orchestra. Release date 25th June 2021 Mute is Expand
COVID memorial opens in East London
24/05/2021 - A “living memorial” to Londoners who have lost their lives to Covid-19 was opened on Monday, May Expand
Palm Springs
17/05/2021 - A person reliving the same day over and over again in an endless purgatorial cycle doesn’t exactly Expand
Art for the head and the heart: Tribal Gathering Gallery
14/05/2021 - Whether the artist intends it to be or not, all art is a window into the lives and culture of the Expand
Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139
13/05/2021 - Back in the far distant past people wore top hats and monocles, teens used phrases like “straight Expand
City Hall announces London’s largest ever tourist campaign
10/05/2021 - The Mayor is set to firmly restore some much-needed enjoyment in the capital, as he announced Expand
Partners announced for British Museum youth engagement projects in arts and culture across the UK
30/04/2021 -   A new innovative national programme from the British Museum for young people has announced its Expand